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Hypnosis plus Coaching

Get to the root cause, the reason, for what is holding you back.  Trained by world renown hypnotherapist and creator of RTT,  Lois uses this amazing method to give your mind an upgrade so that you can change NOW.  Experience powerful inner strength by combining hypnotherapy, especially Rapid Transformational Therapy, to the effective life and health coaching Lois offers. You will see why this is a pivotal piece in the success formula.


Have you been dreaming of how wonderful life will be lose 20 pounds or can fit into the jeans you wore as a teenager?  That is a big expectation for one goal.  A wonderful life comes from working on all aspects of your life, right?  Sometimes, as we focus on one specific life goal the rest of our lives can suffer from neglect.  Working with a coach can help the outcome of a great achievement feel especially rewarding because attention has been  paid to life as a whole. 


The Intergrated Impact of hypnosis and coaching needs to be experienced to appreciate the power of it as  a tool for living the life you want, on purpose, and  creating accelerated momentum towards it. 

My challenge to you is to accept my offer of one FREE 45 minute session to try it out.  No strings. Email me if the times available do not work for you.